Who is Gaviota Global?

GGI was founded by manufacturing industry executives with relationships with high-volume factories throughout the world. Today GGI is comprised of the following:

Who pays Gaviota Global?

Companies utilizing Gaviota Global do not pay us . . . we help set initial product pricing, and are paid directly by the factories that manufacture the product.

Why use Gaviota Global?

GGI is to be used as a service for locating a reliable manufacturer to build your product. This could be a factory in your same town, or one that is overseas. Companies looking for a manufacturing supplier are often limited by their knowledge-base, resulting in relationships that are initially convenient, but not optimized for their specific needs delaying product launch and additional cost. GGI has relationships with hundreds of manufacturers supporting nearly every industry. Finding a company that fits your needs is our area of expertise.

What types of production volumes can GGI factories support?

GGI has management experience from one-off prototypes to portfolio companies manufacturing over 1-Billion parts per year. No quantity is too small or large.

What quality systems should I expect from GGI factories?

This will depend on the manufacturing process and product type, but in general the quality system requirements conform to the industry needs. High-tech industries often require statistical process control tools including Cpk requirements, trend-charts, data sampling analyses, and sophisticated metrology. GGI’s factory-approval process ensures that factories supporting those industries will have the required capabilities.

What types of manufacturing are the GGI factories capable of?

Everything from precision grinding, lapping, stamping, etching, plating . . . to rough casting, forging machining and welding . . . to plastic injection molding . . . to wooden furniture. The point is, we can find a company that can successfully accommodate whatever you need done.

What risk is there for my company in exploring options with GGI vs. looking for manufacturers myself?

There is no risk. GGI will connect you with a pre-approved factory, but you are not obligated to use them, nor are you responsible for compensating GGI for the service.

Where are Gaviota Global regional factories located?

Current GGI-approved factory locations include: