Gaviota Global Industries (GGI) was established to provide companies with specialized solutions for their manufacturing needs, whether they be: product development, product cost reduction, locating high-volume manufacturing options, increased product quality, or branding and packaging. We can provide any of these solutions individually, as they pertain to your needs..

Our specialty is locating production manufacturers from around the world for our US customers. GGI pre-qualifies factories in strategic regional locations to provide the best opportunities for our client’s needs. Every factory utilized by GGI is pre-qualified and certified by exceeding stringent requirements, including an on-site survey verifying the following:

Additional requirements can be specified by our clients. All GGI-approved factories are available to the client to contact and visit in-person. GGI is equipped to support clients requiring capabilities not found in the currently available certified factories by being able to locate and certify a factory for successful manufacture of products to the client’s satisfaction.

GGI will facilitate the pairing of clients with approved factories, assist clients with factory negotiations prior to placing an order, and will assist in matters of commercial and technical client support from the placement of the first order through completion of production.